Image of BOOK 5 : Samurai Saga : Hand signed limited edition

BOOK 5 : Samurai Saga : Hand signed limited edition

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Samurai Saga art book now available as a limited edition pre order on my store www.dinotomic.com

This book will have 100+ pages with 200+ art pieces from the Samurai Saga project =D

Each book will be hand signed by me and every few books I will include a sketch/ doodle + a signature to make it even more personal =D

The first 1-200 books will have the OG Legendary Samurai as a cover . The next 200-400 books will have a Legendary Onna as a cover . 400-600 Will have a Legendary Kaiju as a cover . 600 and up will have a Legendary Shinobi as a cover !

10 pages of the book I'm leaving up to you guys to pick as a community

I will have your favorite pick in the book , 4 per page ( 10 pages in total )

Rule for the pick :

1. No legendry's ,because these I will include anyways

2. Try to use most assets ,so that the 80 picked from both sets are as unique and different as possible from each other :):)

With Both collection there are like 15 000 +pieces to pick from , so good luck

@cmgdesignstudios | Samurai Saga#6902 took it upon himself to collect the favorites you guys pick =D

You guys asked for a book almost since day 1 , and when i aired the idea there was a overwhelming YES for it , so here it is =)

Also i might add some things in the book that you will not see anywhere else but there ( like a super early sneak peak on what's to come in like 1 year or so that im already working on )

There is no limit on how many books you can order , but it is a LIMITED EDITION , because you will have a buying window to get the book only until the end of April , after that there will be no more buys - and printing will start . ( this book will also NOT get reprinted in the future )