Image of BOOK 1 and 2 ( hand signed )

BOOK 1 and 2 ( hand signed )


New BOOK! Limited edition is finally here! Im proud to announce my second book - I have 300 hands signed book of this book ( and every 5th book has even a custom sketch ) And i have also a Second edition of my first book with 100 books also all signed ! So a total of 400 new books out for sale! I have worked incredibly hard on these two books and i have added all of my favorite drawings from my Creepyfied and my 9style collection+ some more goodies for you ! Its possible to get these books individually or both with a small discount 😊

Im supporting my local printing store here ( i live in a tiny town ) so helping out the locals is something that keeps this community alive 😃 Since its just one person taking care of the printing /shipping/packaging for me it might take some time so be patient 😃 also these dont have any tracking since they are send as normal letters in the post . Normal arrival time is 1-3 weeks but because of the pandemic it might take longer since different countries have different rules 😃 thank you all! 😃 😃